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How to speed up your slow computer.

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3 Easy Ways to Speed up Your Computer

If there's one thing that you expect out of your computer, it's for it to work fast and error free. When you first got your computer,  you very likely were happy with how fast it ran. It started up without any error windows and when you started a program, it opened and ran without any hesitation. However, over a period of time your PC began to slow down. Although there are many reasons why this happens, here are three easy ways to speed up your computer and to get it back to the speed that it was when you first brought it home. For the full list download the report below.

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The first way that you can speed up your computer is by adding additional memory. One of the reasons why computers tend to be cheap whenever you purchase them at the store is because they skimp a little bit on the amount of memory that they install. They may use big numbers in order to try and impress you but the fact is, most computers are deficient in the amount of memory that they really need to run smoothly. Purchase a stick of memory and install it or have someone install it for you and you would be surprised at how much faster your computer becomes.

The second thing that you can do to speed up your computer is to have it cleaned of any spyware or viruses that may exist on it. Although many of these programs show themselves through pop-up windows or browser hijacking, many of them may run silently in the background. Whenever you have many different spyware programs, which often people do, they all run at the same time in it's tends to grind your system to a halt. The easiest way to fix this problem is to clean your system by means of an anti-spyware program. Not only will your computer run faster, you will be more secure whenever you are using it.

Finally, you have a very easy way to speed up your computer that is often overlooked by many individuals. This is by cleaning up errors that exists in the Windows registry. Although most people are not comfortable with tampering with this particular part of the computer, errors that compile inside the registry are often guilty of slowing down your system. Fortunately, you do not have to take care of this yourself. There are plenty of programs that can be downloaded and installed in order to scan your registry on a regular basis and keep it clean as a whistle.

Although it may take a little bit of work on your part, these three easy ways to speed up your computer can make it better than new.

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