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dave's pictureThese days I'm finding that more and more of my time is spent coaching people how to get the best out of their computers. It's an area I really enjoy and am continuing to develop.

Computer jargon and abbreviations is an area that is a barrier for a lot of people. Not having a basic understanding of computer terminology the newer terms can really put someone off the subject. It's not necessary to know all about computers to use them but it does help to have a basic understanding of the words used and what they apply to. Even if it's just to explain to the engineer what's gone wrong.

I have developed a way of helping someone aquire the basics so they understand them without the blankness that comes with all the jargon. So if you require tuition or trouble shooting in the Edinburgh area feel free to give me a call on 0131 554 8131.

Online-auctions are becoming an important part of my business also and if you are considering auctions then the following FREE report "How to double your auction sales in 24Hrs" could be just what you are looking for to profit right away.

Dave Fraser
Dash Services
230 Bonnington Rd
Edinburgh EH6 5BH
Phone/Fax 0131 554 8131

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