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Spyware is one of the biggest reasons of a PC slowdown.
Getting rid of it and preventing it being downloaded in the first place is a definite must if you want a healthy system.

While there are many free programs to get rid of spyware the one I use and recommend is Counterspy It's a great price and it's streets ahead of it's competitors. Download Counterspy today.

CounterSpy was chosen as PC World's BEST BUY. For very good reasons: CounterSpy has the best spyware database in the industry, the highest detection rate, and has the fastest scan times.

It costs only $19.95, and that includes a subscription of one year with updates, upgrades and technical support. Best of all, you can help fighting spyware! Become a member of ThreatNet (one click) and you can report on suspicious malware.

Spyware is a threat to your privacy and slows down your PC. The answer is CounterSpy. It has Active Protection™, call it a "spy-wall." Buy CounterSpy now for $19.95, and get live tech support !

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